Brittany Harris Student Model Rep

Brittany Harris Student Model Rep 2011-2012

I am so excited to show off Ashtyn Jade’s first official
Student Model Rep of the season:
Brittany Lyn Harris, Pendleton High School, Senior Class of 2012.

Just a couple weeks ago, Brittany and I were able to hang out for a couple hours and get to know each other during her senior session.
I had an incredible time learning about who she is, what she loves, and where she plans to be in the years to come – all of which she managed to share while totally working it for the camera.  I’m often asked what I love most about my job, and I can say without a doubt, it’s days like this one.
The model?  Amazing.  The images? Gorgeous.
And now the fun really begins, because I get to fill her arms with some incredible product covered with that beautiful face.
“What incredible product??” you may ask?
Well, stay tuned for the next post, where I’ll dish out the delicious details!!
(Did you like that little bit of alliteration?  Ooh, use THAT word on your SATs!)

And in the meantime…
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Send Brittany an email and ask her about her experience as an
Ashtyn Jade Model Rep.
I’m sure she’d be happy to share.