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Aww… who doesn’t love a good Annie reference??

As summer begins to wrap up, I’ve been bombarded with thoughts of just how blessed.  I’ve been over the past several months:

  • We’ve moved into this insanely fabulous town.  {That’s you, Pendleton, Oregon!!}
  • The business is building and flourishing.  {Which is SO fabulous, btw!  Thank you to all my friends and clients for your loyalty and support!}
  • My family has created copious amounts of memories, and now we sit on the cusp of a whole NEW adventure!  {Did someone say PORTLAND?!  Uh, yes they did!  I’ll share the great news in more depth so soon!!}

All of this has kept me so busy that I’ve hardly had time to work on some key projects of my own.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for putting off till tomorrow what doesn’t HAVE to be done today.  And I’m usually oh, so confident that “One day soon I’ll get that done!”  Buuut… more often than not, it just doesn’t happen.

For me, however, ‘tomorrow’ has actually arrived. Yay!!  I’m scheduling a little me-time.  So humor me a bit over the next couple of weeks as I entwine my personal life with my photography.

Heck – you know me.  It’s all about breaking down barriers, right?  Consider this a chance to tap into what makes me tick.  Aaaand here’s the first installment:

How absolutely gorgeous is this kid?  Now I know he doesn’t look all that thrilled, but that’s because he loves to work it for the camera.  You know, in that “I’m too cool to care” sort of way.  Like the hotties that grace the walls at Abercrombie and Fitch.  Only this guy wears more clothing.

{(Need a sample of what I’m talking about?  You can take a sec and check out their site.  Don’t worry.  I’ll be here when you get back!)}

This image was captured the day of my son’s LDS Baptism (August 6th, 2011).  What a truly incredible moment this was for our family, and we were so blessed to be able to share it with friends and loved ones – not only here in P-Town, but also from Tri-Cities and Seattle.  Truly a day we will always cherish.