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You know those moments in life when suddenly – it hits you?  Your age, I mean.  Or maybe it’s not even so much your age as it is the mere fact that you’re aging.

Yup. I’ve had another one of those moments recently.  But you know what? I am so totally okay with it. More than okay, actually.

This is Aisha. The incredible {though not so edible} Aisha.  I taught her in Sunday school long, long ago. And now, eight years later, she’s leaving on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
(Kind of a mouthful, right?)

Are you serious?? The once thirteen-year-old, sweet little, stubborn, sarcastic Aisha. I just adore her. For those very qualities and characteristics that probably drive her mother mad – and for so many more.

Here’s to you, Aisha, and an incredibly fabulous and successful mission!!

…the soul made visible…