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I have so much to share AND so much pent-up energy, so I’m hoping I put that energy to good use today.  In fact… I have SO much to share and SO much energy that this promises to be only the first of multiple posts today.  Woo hoo!!
Ashtyn Jade Photography_Brittany_Model RepPendleton High School, Class of 2012

I love seniors.  LOVE. THEM.  Love their enthusiasm.  Love their spunk.  Love their style.  And seriously love their attitude.  They’re always game to try something new, and that makes for some crazy awesome co-conspirators.

Are you kidding me?  For what more could a photographer ask than a ready and willing victim?!  Er… uh… subject.

So in the spirit of loving those who make our lives so grand…  check out this gorgeous Class of 2012 Calendar.  Then imagine it customized for you.  You’re lovin’ it, aren’t you?  Wait till you see the accordion book.
Ahh!  More to come, guys.  More to come.

…the soul made visible…