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So, kiddos.  Today is my 31st, and how could I not post something on a day that I’ve so truly enjoyed??  Granted, it didn’t all go according to plan.  The kids didn’t magically awaken in time to easily shower, dress and eat breakfast before nimbly making it the half mile to the (less than convenient) bus stop.

Oh, dear, no.  That would truly take a birthday miracle.
But they did awaken.  They did shower and dress.  They did eat breakfast.
And they did arrive at school on time.  Not by way of the school bus mind you,
but thanks, indeed, to the mommy-mobile.

A few hours later and with my baby girl in tow, I picked up my kindergartener and we three ventured to Jacob’s work.  (That’s my husband, btw.  He’ll randomly make the pages of the blog.  Feel free to learn his name.  Or not.
I’ll tell ya each time who he is.)

Once there we enjoyed a special lunch at which Jacob was honored by the local Native American Tribe for his incredible talent and charm, his hard work and dedication, aaand his amazing good looks.  (Mmm… don’t quote me on that last part; I may have added that on my own.)  He functioned as a liaison between the Tribe and JE Dunn during the project here in Pendleton.  And while I am fully aware of the fact that he is a total rockstar, I am so grateful to see others recognize that in him as well.  My husband is my super hero.
(Yeah.  I’m thinkin’ you should totally learn his name.)

Then on to a mini shoot, followed by a farewell party.  Bittersweet, I tell ya.  As if I haven’t said it enough, our friends here in Pendleton are truly incredible.  In nine short months, they have opened their arms and hearts to us so genuinely and so generously.  Without a doubt, this town has made an impression.

I was blessed to be able to photograph one of those incredible friends this very evening (happy birthday to me!!), and here is the first of the images I’ll share.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you (pause for dramatic effect):
The Lovely, Afton Downs!

Oh, and did I mention the two hot wheel cars, the foot tall Bumblebee transformer AND the handful of chocolate chips I received as gifts???
I do so love my little munchkins!!!