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… Er, almost!  Still trying to adjust to new places and spaces, but we are LOVING it so far.  Non-unpacked boxes abound, but that won’t be changing anytime soon, I’m afraid!  The boys are settling in to school nicely, and Jacob has survived his initial day on the new project.  The baby girl and I?  Happily delving in to the hours of playtime we get each day.

So how does Ashtyn Jade Photography fit into the mix?  Ahh!  Well.  That is quite the question.  Our marketing wheels are already spinning, and we’re so excited to see the buzz that is created.  One or two roles for local Model Reps are still available, though we’re well into senior season, just so we can demonstrate for our new audience exactly what an unparalleled experience we provide!

If you know of the perfect candidate, or if you are the perfect candidate, please forward the contact information to us!

We are so looking forward to jumping in to this little corner of the world with our hearts, arms and aperture wide open!!

…the soul made visible…