I can’t help feeling like it might be time for another
Ashtyn Jade Photography

With gorgeous sun-shiny weather making random but more frequent appearances,  all my fellow photogs, and parents, and couples and singletons alike will be pulling out their cameras more and more often.  And who can blame us?!  That being said, you may feel a bit at a loss as to what to do with all those fun-filled images.  Aside from, you know, uploading them to your computer and then proceeding to forget completely about them.

Well, never feeear!
I… am… here.
{Hmm. THAT was kind of anti-climactic.}
But seriously, I’ve got the perfect solution and would be oh-so smitten
if I could just share it with you!

Have you seen our Spring Has Sprung blog post? If not, head over and check it out.  There you will find the latest and greatest Ashtyn Jade Storyboard.  And it’s THIS storyboard template that I’ll be sharing on Facebook in the next 24 hours.  I’d love for you to spread the word.  Gather the masses!

Only those who choose to “Like” Ashtyn Jade on Facebook will be able to enjoy this exclusive download.  So share this link with your friends.  Invite them to participate,  jump on the bandwagon {join my posse?} so that they can personalize this storyboard for themselves.  Then, once you’ve done the same, come back and share with us YOUR customized creation!
We’d all love to see your handiwork!

Here’s Mine:

Remember…  the download will be unlocked within the next 24 hours,
but ONLY for our loyal Facebook Fans.  Don’t miss out!!