I’m just settling in for a full week of educational seminars/webinars.  I know, I know… probably the dullest sounding thing I could do this week, right?  But it is so NOT!!  I get to learn more about hair, make-up, posing, natural light – all things I love!  (Who doesn’t, really?  We all love to feel like a rock star every now and then, right?  I know my clients do!  And my education helps ensure that that is exactly what happens!  Yay!!)

Soo… since I’m headed ‘back to school’ this week, I thought I’d share a few fun links to help you prep for Back-to-School, as well!  Check out these Fall Make-Up & Hair Trends, and let me know how YOU choose to incorporate these into your day-to-day (or date-night) look!!

Check Out MrsHustle!!
And Don’t Forget Elle!!

{These images are courtesy of the above links.  Thank you!!}