What an incredible day!  The last day of Summer, that is.  Yeah… well, while the calendar may have distinguished it as summer, it sure didn’t feel that way to me.  The weather was far too fantastic!  Totally felt like Autumn, am I right?!

Okay, okay.  Maybe the sky was what some might consider to be a bit gloomy, and rightfully so.
But come on, guys!!  It’s almost scarf & sweater weather – and who doesn’t love that?!

So… after spending a few obligatory moments paying bills this morning, and then taking care of the ‘business end’ of tomorrow’s shoots, I was able to relax a bit while my sweet munchkin napped on my lap.  Very few things in life can beat that little bit of heaven!

In the afternoon, I picked up the boys from school, and the four of us were off on an adventure… It was time for a bit of the ‘creative end’ of tomorrow’s shoots.  My monkeys and I scouted a few new locations {which I absolutely adore, btw!} that I’ll be putting in to play tomorrow!  Holy, Hannah!  I can not wait to share a few images from these fabulous Brush Prairie locales!

Then to finish off an already pretty fantastic Friday, we snagged another external hard drive (I swear, I go through them like chocolate!!),
and then the whole family enjoyed the culinary cuisine of Costco.  YUM!!
{Have you tried their turkey provolone sandwich?!  LOVE!!}

So, here’s hoping your Last Day o’ Summer was splendid, and that your first day of Fall {and every day after that} will be equally fantastic!

…the soul made visible…