Hello, hello, everyone!  Can you believe how suddenly Fall has come upon us?  I don’t feel completely ready!  Do you??  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…  they are all right around the corner.

And with all of that excitement, comes the perfect time to enjoy your Family Portrait Session!  Yes.  You did read that correctly!  I said (er, typed, anyway) E.N.J.O.Y your Family Session.

You see, we do things a little bit differently at Ashtyn Jade.  Alright, alright – there’s really nothing little about it.  We believe in creating an incredible experience for our clients from the very beginning!

For instance… when was the last time someone took you out for ice cream??  It’s probably been a while, right?  For your Pre-Session Consult, we do just that.  We take you out.  We spoil you with ice cream and talk of your fabulous sense of style (i.e., session wardrobe), your visions of grandeur (how you would like your shoot to roll out), and – of course – your gorgeous family.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. running my own studio.  Because I get to pamper my clients (that’s you!), and naturally, my clients become dear friends.  Come and join the fun!

Book your Fall Session before they’re gone!
I can not wait to meet you!

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