Hey, y’all!  So… today’s the big day!  Or at least the first of the big days.

Our Model Rep Photo Sessions begin this weekend, and then we’ll follow up with
a second round of Model Photo Sessions next weekend.  I can not wait!!
In the meantime, however… check out this sneak peek of our top secret location below!

AJP Model Reps - Secret Location Sneak Peek

AJP Model Reps – Secret Location Sneak Peek!!

Yes.  This location really is top secret!  It’s actually one of the terms of the agreement.
Can you believe it?!  No one but my models (and their mama’s) know where to find it.
Well… except for our Make Up & Hair Stylist.  And my assistant.
And my sweet baby girl! {She’s the little munchkin above – admiring the view.}
And the super fab property managers and owners who are so kindly allowing us to use said property.
Aaand my insurance broker.  Oh, and the lawyers who signed off on it all.

Wow.  Maybe it’s not so super secret after all!
But… there is one more little secret… and it’s one that I will happily share.
These images above?  Don’t even capture my favorite spaces!
I can’t wait to show off this season’s rock star models in this freaking amazing location!!
Can’t you just feel the excitement?!

If you are ready to experience this for yourself
(or to provide this opportunity for someone you adore)
we encourage you to call today!

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