I have loved taking a few days off this week to really dig in and celebrate Spring Break with my munchkins. We’ve used the opportunity to start planting this year’s flowers. And this weekend? Well… that will bring on the beginning of the fruit and veggie garden. Yea!!

But along with all of this preparing and planting, fertilizing and nourishing (and, of course, sweating and cleansing…), has come a more fervent desire to spruce up and ‘spring clean’ other aspects of my life.

If you know me (and many of you do), you know that I (as many of us do) try incredibly hard to be the very best version of myself. But… you also know that I (as we all do) tend to fall short. More often than I’d like to admit to myself (or anyone else for that matter!).

So I’m grateful that this time of year also promises the opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation in the spiritual sense. Tomorrow (Saturday) begins the two-day, semi-annual event known as General Conference. This event hosts latter-day prophets and apostles, incredible choirs, and hundreds of thousands/millions of participants the world over.

The inspiration and hope that stem from the experience I gain each time I watch and listen, and then feel and learn, serve to strengthen and buoy me. In our world, amidst all the turmoil, suffering and pain, the personal sorrow and loneliness – my goodness. How could we ever think to pass up an opportunity such as this?!

I hope you’ll join me! See what it is that keeps me incredibly happy and hopeful. And learn how your family, too, can be sealed together forever! (Because, yes. It really is that knowledge and that promise that motivate me to get my hinny outta bed each morning! To keep on trying, and to do my absolute best. Aaaand then to try and try again when I fail…)