Who else is absolutely in love with this summer?! The weather has been incredible, fun with the family never ends, and business is booming! And I’m so thrilled with the onset of the busy season!

What has been your favorite activity over the past couple of months? Can you narrow it to just one?! That task would be a bit too challenging for me, I’m afraid. So instead, let me tell you about a one really exciting event taking place in the studio this week…

I’ve recently had the blessing of photographing one of the hardest working mamas I know! She’s not only juggling the roles of mommy-hood and wife-dom, she also plays a key role in keeping her husband’s dental practice (Granite Dental) in tip top shape and is actively involved in volunteering and supporting the community. As if that weren’t enough to make this gal spectacular, her personality is such a kick, too!

Rachel may tend to come off a bit shy or quiet – and I think she is to some extent – but she also has this unexpected sense of humor that keeps you laughing and smiling. She’s so easy to chat with that I almost didn’t let her go at the end of our session!

AJP_Keller, Rachel_2353_VntWn_web

So… check it out… This is the sneak peek from her Ashtyn Jade Custom Photography Session here in Vancouver! And in just a couple of days, Rachel and her adoring (and adorable) husband will be treated to a fabulous Petite Session Premiere, where they’ll witness for the first time all of her gorgeously retouched images – and enjoy a few couture cupcakes in the process. I CAN’T WAIT!!



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