Each time I sit down and attempt to mentally wrap up my day, “wow” seems to inevitably be the very first word that comes to mind.

“Wow… it has been a day.”
“Wow… that session was a blast!”
“Wow… I think it’s time to hire a housekeeper.”
“Wow… a milkshake sounds so good right now…”

What is it about the word, ‘wow’ that allows it to so perfectly express a myriad of emotions?  Wow… what an addictive word.

In an effort to liven up my vocab a bit, though, I’ll begin this post with something OTHER than the aforementioned uber-fab word and will choose something else entirely….

Oh.My.Goodness… what an incredible day!!!
Allow me to break it down for you:

AJP_HOMESCHOOL_Science Experiment
 – Super cool science experiment with the kiddos (Woo hoo!  Maybe I can swing this homeschooling thing after all!  Uh… emphasis on the maybe…) — check!

 – The chance to catch up a bit with the illustrious Janelle Hayden (and appreciate, once again, a bit of her magic) — check, check!

A couple of hours spent with the stellar Swokowski Family — check, check, check! (‘Cause… you know… there’s three of them. Aaand they’re just really that cool…)

And a surprise dinner out for the family, courtesy of my handsome and ever-supportive husband, Jacob — I just don’t even know how many checks that deserves…

So… can I say it now?  Have I held off long enough? Brace yerself, Ethel… ‘Cause here it comes.

Wow… I am so grateful for my overly-blessed, awe-inspiringly love-filled life!!

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