FB_Sneak Peek_BlackWhat I’m doing today goes against everything I stand for – against everything sacred and holy in the world…

Wow.  Melodramatic much?  Clearly I’m kidding.  Anything like that would be undertaken far from the ever-vigilant eyes of the internet… *wink*

The fact is, sharing unedited images is something from which I completely abstain.  In my mind, it’s equivalent to showing raw footage of a film half-way through production.  Why would you?  I do on a rare occasion show an image directly from the lcd screen of my camera to my client mid-session, but not often.

Today, however?  You are getting to see the raw footage (or images, as the case may be).  And these happen to be the final two frames of the night, captured at the tail end of our extended Portrait Session.

FB_Sneak Peek

THREE HOURS IN… and just look at her…  Isn’t she amazing?  A-freaking-mazing.  Can you just imagine how these images will look at the Premiere?! Once all the post-production is complete?  Yup… I have visions of album designs dancing in my head…

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