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Are you kidding me right now?  How hot is this guy?!

‘This guy’ happens to be Tyler Armstrong, the starting quarterback for the Prairie High School Varsity Football Team.  And yes, you’ve seen him before…

A few times, actually.  Tyler’s Senior Session marked the fourth time I’ve had the chance to photograph him over the past two years.  And really?  Few things in life are better than having my favorite clients request more sessions.  Because if they are coming back for more, it means they’re happy.  And I thrive on happy clients!!

Truth is, Tyler is one of my absolute favorites.  Care to know one of the reasons why?  It’s really kind of adorable…  Within the realm of the Ashtyn Jade studio, Tyler is notorious for providing me with the highly coveted, half-hearted grin.  {Mmm… smirk might be a bit more accurate…}

I can count on it whenever he’s in front of the lens.
But without fail, the moment I say,

“Dude…” or
“Seriously?” or
“That is so not a real smile!” or
“What is that?”  or really anything of the sort…

a super charming smile and a couple of gorgeous dimples suddenly appear.
And that is something I adore.

I also adore the fact that over the past couple of years, I have gotten the chance to know his incredible family.  How fun and fantastic they are!  They are so involved in the community and are always volunteering their time and talents and support to myriad sports teams and organizations.  In fact, Tyler’s step-dad, Jon, has even coached both of my sons in baseball!  {Now if only we could get him to teach one of Payton’s dance classes… we’d be three for three!}  But beyond all of that, they are so kind, so funny, and so genuinely open-hearted.  They have definitely made my life a bit more colorful, and for that I am so grateful!

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