That’s right! We are opening an Ashtyn Jade boutique photography studio in the Pleasant Grove area of Utah (Cedar Hills to be exact)… And we’re making that looong drive to Utah?  As we speak!! Er… type.

I can’t begin to express my excitement and my intense gratitude for all who have helped us along the way and made all of this possible.  It is because of you that we have been blessed with so many opportunities AND have had the courage to do something with them!

The Northwest has been home for the Erekson clan and Ashtyn Jade Photography for  the past 10ish years, and it will always have a piece of our hearts – a very large, love-filled piece of our hearts.

And we could never say goodbye! Not for long, anyway… Which is exactly why Vancouver will act as a satellite studio for us. Which means… That coveted Ashtyn Jade Gift Certificate you’ve got in your pretty little hands? Absolutely redeemable.  That dream session you’d love to plan and bring to life?  Completely doable.  Your much anticipated chance to become an Ashtyn Jade Model Rep?  That can still become a reality!

We will continue to photograph in the gorgeous NW terrain; Larson’s will continue to be our vendor of choice for those delectably delicious Session Premiere desserts (we LOVE this local bakery!!).  And the love and care we extend to our clients will always remain!

Megan Shultz, Session Premiere Specialist, Ashtyn Jade PhotographyIn fact… We’ve just signed on Ms. Megan Schultz as our Session Premiere Specialist, and she shares our passion for creating an absolutely incredible experience for each of our clients.  Hers will be the beautiful face gracing your doorstep the evening of your Session Premiere; she will share with you your personalized slide show and gallery and will be on hand to walk you through your order.

I so look forward to you meeting her – you will absolutely adore her!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch! I will continue to love hearing from you!  And from the deepest part of my heart… Thank you, thank you, thank you for playing such an integral part in my life!

P.S. Come and visit us in Utah soon!!

…the soul made visible…