Well, hello! I hope you have all enjoyed a fabulous holiday vacation! Spending some really focused time with my family has been sublime. Exactly what I’ve needed! And now it’s time to jump back into the thrill of fine art photography. Woo hoo!! 😉

We’d love to share a spotlight of one of our favorite portrait subjects of the past year.  It was so great catching up with Tanner!  Be sure to catch his interview and his customized slide show below!  Enjoy!!

Ashtyn Jade Photography_Tanner Miles_2013

AJP:  Thank you so much for taking a bit of time to chat with us, Tanner! I am so excited to share with everyone a little about your personal story.  Rumor has it you’re actually a Canuck currently disguised as a Californian, eh?  What are some of the differences you find most interesting b/t here and there?

TANNER:  I’d have to say the biggest difference is the food.  I’m going to have to say everything in Canada tastes way better!  Ha!  Also, the part of Canada that I am from is Vancouver, BC – one of the most beautiful places on the Earth!  But I do love the sunny beaches of California!

AJP:  While our studio is now based out of Cedar Hills, Ut, we actually became acquainted in Washington state. Can you talk a bit about what you were doing up there?

TANNER:  In Washington for the past two years I was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I truly enjoyed every minute I was able to serve my mission.  I was able to see many people change their lives in the best way possible.  People would tell me at first that they didn’t think they could change or be different from how they were.  But with a little help from us and all the help from our Savior Jesus Christ, they are able to make changes they never thought they could make!

AJP:  So now that you’re home… any plans to get married? Should we spread the word that you enjoy long walks on the beach? Watching the stars? Dancing in the moonlight?  Okay, okay… we’ll leave you with some modicum of privacy…

TANNER:  Well at the moment, dating is not even in the picture.  Not saying it won’t happen… Let’s just say I’m waiting for that special someone to come home!  And I do love long Kayak rides in the ocean!

AJP:  Okay.  Before we let you go, tell us a bit about who you are and what makes you tick.

TANNER:  Well, my passion and drive in life is family and hockey.  I love my family.  They are always a positive note in my life, and I can’t wait to have my own. I’m now at my sister’s home with her newborn – my new niece!  So it’s pretty exciting!  As for hockey… it’s the center of every Canadian!

AJP:  Well, Tanner, I believe that’s a wrap. Thanks, again, for giving us a sneak peek into the fabulous man featured in these photographs!

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