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Payton (my youngest little munchkin) and I received a sah-weet package in the mail yesterday, which means TODAY is the beginning of whole new regimen in our house…

Welcome, Shaun T and Hip Hop Abs!!  My babe is nothing but excited for ‘dance class’ to begin, but I’ve gotta be honest… I’m a little nervous!!  I know I can hop.  But being hip while I do it?  Yeah… hah!  We’ll see! *wink*

How are you all handling 2014 New Year’s Resolutions?  Wanna join in on our health kick?  We’d love your company!  So while Payton and I are busy sculpting our abs with Beachbody‘s complete Hip Hop Abs program, we’d love for you to join us with the Trial Version below.  (You can also find it on YouTube!)

Then come back and tell us how you like it!  Ready?  Let’s dooo iiit!

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