Ashtyn Jade Photography_Mark & Kathy/Kathleen Thornton_Military Spouse of the Year 2014_coupleThis amazing woman, Kathleen Thornton, has just been nominated as the Armed Forces Military Spouse of The Year for the Army Branch. I {along with thousands of others!!} have been so incredibly blessed by knowing her and her stellar husband.  I’ve been witness to some pretty awe-inspiring moments thanks to these guys and have shared in some fun fits of laughter with, as well.

The strength and poise that the Thorntons have exhibited throughout their decades of service to our country – in the good times and the bad… that’s the stuff of legends!  Seriously… our Armed Forces are our true superheroes, and I love this opportunity to show a bit of support in return!  These two amaze me.

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And as a super subtle reminder…
ARMY: Kathleen Thornton

…the soul made visible…
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