I know, I know!!  Shaun T. was supposed to be my new workout buddy!  Well, both Shaun T. and Miss Payton Allexa.  {See that post here.} But we have recently welcomed a new addition to our family.  And this sweet, slobbering ‘Bulloxer’ {American Bulldog/Boxer} mutt goes by the name of Rockey.Ashtyn Jade Photography_American Bulldog Boxer_Rockey

Rockey was our surprise gift for my middle munchkin’s 8th birthday. {Love you, Ash!!}  Turns out?  He’s a pretty great exercise mentor {um, task master!} in his own right!  Rockey, that is.  Not Ash.  And his loving brown eyes are hard to ignore.  {Okay… that one completely applies to both.}

So while I head out to walk/be dragged by this funny and affection not-so-little puppy… Enjoy a little video from Asher’s big birthday reveal!

And then tell me!  What is it that’s keeping you fit?

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Ashtyn Jade Photography
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