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Uuum… seriously?  This guy cuh-rushed his Model Rep Session today as we traversed Utah County.

And it’s hard work – as he can now attest – especially in the rain!  Maybe the break for lunch at the Timpanogos Harley Dealership there in Lindon helped a little.  {Have you guys eaten there?  YUM!  Click here or here for reviews of Marleys Cafe…}  Man, I love spending a little extra time with my clients!

Though I promised him a sneak peek this coming Monday, I just couldn’t wait that long. Because, really?  Just check him out for yourself!  This is Steven of Juan Diego Catholic School. Clearly… a basketball player. Aaand a freaking hottie.

Ready to join the ranks?  You, too, can become an Ashtyn Jade Model Rep! Create amazing images, be the source of some great local buzz, and earn some sweet cash – all while feeling {and looking} like a rock star.

Yup.  It’s a real gig.  And it can be yours.  But time is running out.  So complete this quick app to apply for the role of AJP Model Rep.

Ashtyn Jade Photography_modelAJP_Steven PriceYou’ve thought about it.  Now do it.  Schedule a session to create those iconic shots that highlight what defines you.

What is it that defines you?  Let me know!

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