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Last night was… oh, so yummy!! I had the chance to catch up with some fabulous gals from my original Washington days, some 12 years ago. {Oh, my gosh… I can’t even believe it’s been that long!}

We chatted and laughed over yummy Magnum Ice Cream {Stop it… this stuff is waaay too good!} and planned for Miss Sydney’s Model Rep Session, which is scheduled for this coming Monday.

And you know what’s so fun?  Last year, while at the Thriver’s Mastermind Retreat in Seattle… We reconnected as I photographed Sydney for a just a few brief moments.  And now we’re both here in Utah County.  Crazy small world, right?!

{Oh, btw?  I LOVE Leah Remillet!  This woman is buh-rilliant with all things business-related.  Aaaand she makes some pretty mean seafood dishes, to boot!  Think I’m gonna keep her.  Maybe in my pocket.}

These are a couple of Sydney’s images from Seattle.  Go on… gaze at her gorgeousness!  And this beautiful gal will now be in front of my lens, again.  But this time as an Ashtyn Jade Model Rep here in Cedar Hills {Though, we’ll also be hitting a few remote and semi-hidden spots throughout Utah County, as well!}.  And for far more that just a few brief moments – yea!

AJP Model Rep 2014-2015

Her model experience will include professional hair and makeup, an eclectic range of backdrops/locales, and some truly stunning images which will be debuted during the exclusive Model Rep Premiere… which is basically just a party to celebrate – you guessed it – our AJP Model Reps!

So… come join the fun!
Apply to become one of our elite 2014-2015 AJP Model Reps.

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*Magnum Ice Cream Image Source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gVE2lTA_GUs/TkwTskyl0TI/AAAAAAAAIso/icrkKj-Xl5E/s1600/Design-Fetish-Magnum-Ice-Cream-Explosion-Ads-1.jpg