The rain… oh, the rain… I know it may seem odd, but the rain feels just a little like home to me.  It’s all those years living in the Northwest {bit of a Washington girl, here!}  And in my mind, it brings the promise of Spring and blossoms and sunshine… Ah, nature at it’s finest.  With that in mind – lets’ talk about what else is on the horizon: 2014’s new fashion and makeup trends.

The winged look {i.e., sexy cat eye} is creating quite the buzz within certain circles.  Have you given it a go?  Here’s how to do it like a pro:

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Feeling even more adventurous?
Step it up a notch with a pop of color:

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While we aren’t ALL this bold with our makeup… it couldn’t hurt to have a little fun, right?  We’re all about playing dress up.  So give it a shot… maybe even for Valentine’s Day {or Night!! *wink*}.  And if you’re brave enough… show off your handiwork!!  We’d love to see your take on this trend!

Special thanks to AroundMakeUp.  Discover more fabulous 2014 trends here:


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