Sadly, each April Fool’s it’s typically two-thirds of the way through the day before I even realize that it IS April Fool’s.  And by then I usually figure, “Meh, it’s too late.  Maybe next year.”  But guess what?!  This year I DIDN’T forget!  This year I remembered.  Yea!!  But deciding which tricks to try out of the myriad of possibilities… Well, that’s proven a bit challenging!  So I searched my mind for a bit of inspiration.

Venture with me to the days of my precious childhood for a fun little flashback…
It was early morning.  My sweet mother awoke long before dawn to make us a delicious breakfast before school.  Stacks of pancakes, softened butter, hot maple syrup… absolute heaven.  Seriously, the stuff dreams are made of.  But then, a few bites in, after we had all slowed our pace and begun to consider what it was we were propelling into our mouths… one of us finally had the courage to say something.  And then we all looked a little closer.  First at the pancakes, and then at my mother.

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She slowly turned around, sheepish grin spreading across her face.  “I was supposed to use foil… but we ran out.  So I used wax paper.”  Um.  Wow.  Dare I say, a thin sheet of wax paper proved to be a less than stellar center to our suddenly unsavory flap jacks!!

Oh, but that adorable woman had been so proud that she’d pulled one over on us.  It is the only prank I think she’s ever pulled!  And I only wish I could say it was completely successful…

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But, hello!!  Do you KNOW what that paper does when combined with pancake batter and heat?!  NOT awesome stuff!!  Yeah, no… definitely doesn’t count as successful in my book!  But oh, how I love that she tried!  And her cute little smile… I can still picture it to this day.

Thank you, you beautiful woman, for ensuring that I will NEVER try this same trick on my own munchkins.  And your sweet grand-babies thank you, as well, for scarring me so deeply.  They truly have benefitted!! *wink*

Okay, back to the present…
As I’ve scoured the internet {Thank you, Pinterest!}, a few blogs have sent my imagination spinning.  Check out one of my faves!  And while I can’t in good conscience recommend ALL of the pranks she lays out, there are a few pretty solid possibilities!  We’ll, for instance, definitely start the morning off with a little mouse pooh {wild rice or white rice colored black} in the beds; we’ll then roll into the fun idea of frozen cereal, and then experiment with salted butter in the evening.  {Want more details?  Check out this blog!}

Is it normal to be feeling a little guilty at this point?  Something about laughing at my children’s expense…  Meh.  I’ll just run with it.  Maybe the guilt will subside. *wink*

Please share with us!  What pranks will YOU be playing this year??


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