You know those people and those places that just draw you back for more?  I found one I’d love to share with you!  While many of you may already know of this cool little shop with its super cute owner, Kristi… I’m curious to know who has been in and experienced all it has to offer!


This little gem is called Karma Boutique on Main and is found in Pleasant Grove, UT.  But good news for all of you OUTSIDE the bounds of Utah… THEY TAKE PHONE ORDERS!  So even if you can’t SEE the shop, you can still don their trendy, chic clothing and up your style game a bit!  Who isn’t going to be on board with that?!

Here’s what I scored this week!!
Ashtyn Jade Photography_Karma_Paneled Leggings_wmA pair of killer paneled leggings {on sale, btw!!}!

High-End, Up-Scale Boutique_Utah CountyAnd a couple of fab cocktail rings {you can never have too many!!}!

Okay… so we know they have incredible pieces… but a lot of places can say that, right?  So what makes Karma so different?  Worthy of your oh, so valuable (and often in short supply) time?  The ambiance is amazing – vintage and warm – but more than that is the customized, one-on-one attention you receive each time you enter the door.  You’re not bombarded – but made to feel right at home.  You can wander and explore at your own pace with the confidence that as soon as you are ready… Kristi and her gals willingly become your personal shopper and/or stylist.  They provide honest opinions and can lead and guide you in discovering the look you’re after.


The experience is one that is so comfortable and so enjoyable… you’ll be back in no time to do it all, again.   And it’s just as fabulous an experience whether you select an entire ensemble or simply a single piece of there delicious jewelry!  Why??  Well, in my opinion, it’s because they are so genuine and so passionate about what they do, about the fabulous Karma they get to spread day in and day out.


What else I love…
  • They open at 11ish.  Serisouly.  11ish!  That’s how the door reads!  Now THAT is a business model I can get behind!  {Anybody that knows me, knows it’s true!}
  • Kristi, the owner, models a few of her pieces each day via Instagram/Twitter & FB. How cute is that?!
  • She’s got roots in photography!  {Do I even need to embellish?}
  • Little Miss Payton has a comfy place to sit and quietly play my iPhone.  {Thank goodness she’s such a doll!  I love her as my sidekick!}


So that’s it, my loves!  Click on one of the links and spoil yourselves a bit!  You’ll be so happy you did!!  Then share what items you scored – I’d love to see!


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