Hey, there!  I am an avid believer in the idea that home-grown, locally-owned businesses help make America great.  I love them!  Love the personalized service, the relationships formed within the community, the hard work and dogged determination required to succeed… My goodness, I love it all!  Perhaps this plays into my gravitation toward business owners – my fascinated with learning about who they are, what has led them here, and what’s around the bend.

Today’s Feature Me Friday delves into the makings of ELEVATE, a top of the line triathlon training center based in Orem, Utah.  Greg Phillips (the driven and dynamic entrepreneur behind ELEVATE) has been kind enough to spend a bit of time with us recently, and I’ve got to say… I’m a fan!!  Check out the Promo Reel we’ve created for this crazy amazing group – then delve into our interview below to find a few words of wisdom which are sure to increase your motivation to be healthy and well!!

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AJP:  Thank you so much for letting us peer behind the curtains of ELEVATE, Greg!  What is it that led you to develop a top-ranking triathlon training program?  When had you realized it was time to create something so perfectly tailored to this select group of athletes?

GP:  Here at ELEVATE, we see a need and fill a need.  Gym’s have been in existence for decades, but they all offered the same mundane classes, equipment and training.  Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, but at that time no facility offered a dedicated triathlon training experience.  Creating a facility with a triathlon component was an easy decision since the original owner has raced the sport for many years.

AJP:  One of the fastest growing sports in the world.’  Why do you think that is?

GP:  When you make something part of your life that requires hard work, sacrifice and insane amounts of focus, you began to realize how prized the title of “triathlete” is.  This is exactly what we want to teach and instill in others.  This sport creates a winning mentality and changes your perspective on life.

AJP:  Who is your ideal client?  Can you describe him {or her}?

GP:  Our ideal client is the mom in her late 30’s/40’s who wants to make a positive change in her life.  Our ideal client trains for the right reasons, which include finding or re-establishing confidence and setting an example to her friends and family that being healthy is important.  Our ideal client is the man determined to regain his athleticism.  These individual will learn that anything is possible with the right mindset.  By participating in endurance sports, you are creating quite the metaphor for life!  

AJP:  Yum!  I love your ideal client!  What has been a struggle you’ve faced along the way?

GP:  Operating the business – attracting new business, keeping current clients interested and happy, and making sure growth occurs every year.  The only way to expand this great training format is to overgrow, which would justify developing multiple locations.

I don’t come from a business background, so this is kind of a Cinderella story for me.  I can honestly say that from 4 years ago to now, I have learned a lot about business.  And while it is not yet perfect, I have learned from my mistakes.  I would say that talking to the right people about business and their own experiences has helped me the most.

AJP:  How has being a father and a husband impacted your career?  How do you manage to balance it all and still keep the passion (for family and the sport) alive?

GP:  What a great question!  Becoming a father and having a family has made me even more excited for the sport and has added an efficiency component to my life.  Now I make the most of the time I have to train because life is not just about me anymore.  I love this sport for many reasons, but one of the best reasons is the example I’m setting for my children.  They have been to my races; they know what Ironman means, and I love that they can see me doing hard things and never quitting.

AJP:  I love that!  The example we can set for our little ones is invaluable!  So, Greg, in the interest of full disclosure… what is your personal vice?  Lazy Saturday afternoons?  Junk food after midnight?  Come on, you can tell us.  It’ll be our little secret…  *wink*

GP:  Personal vice?  Wow, this is the real bulls-eye on a trainer.  I’m held to a high standard, and if I’m seen in the drive thru at Wendy’s, then I will have a lot of explaining to do.  To be honest, though, I hate fast food.  My vice is a good frozen yogurt or Gelato.  A high quality burger after a race is always a must.  I suppose if these are my only vices, I’m not doing too bad.

AJP:  If you could give us one killer tip to improve our overall health or exercise routine – what would it be?

GP:  Hands down, the most important thing you can do is to get your mind and body moving.  By this I not only mean using a mechanism like triathlon to move your muscles and joints, but also activating your mind via the discipline required for endurance sports.  Moderate what you put in your mouth, and stop when you’re full.  The body is smart and will tell you when to stop.  Overeating is habit-formed.  Finishing what’s on your plate is what we have been accustomed to.  For the exercise secrets… Well, you will have to make an appointment with me.

AJP:  Hah!  I suppose that’s fair.  What do you have planned for the future of ELEVATE?

GP:  Expand – because we need to.  Growth is everything as long as you can still keep the ‘grass roots’ feeling.  We want to push ELEVATE to a world-wide audience and believe 100% that we can accomplish that.  The message we are sending is that anyone can do a triathlon, and the principles you gain through the experience will be priceless.

AJP:  Okay – we’re ready to play!  How can we know if triathlon training is right for us?

GP:  You will know after your first race.  You must commit to train for your first event, and then you will be hooked!  You can be in any shape or size, and I will make you into a triathlete.  You will feel the best you ever have and will join the ranks of a very elite club within the world of sport.  Our facility is more than prepared to help those new to triathlon.  In fact, this is what we specialize in.  We give you an elite level training experience without the pressure of being around elite athletes.

AJP:  Greg, you are a rockstar.  Thanks for providing us with some much needed motivation to keep ourselves moving!!  Now, tell us… how do we get started?  Let’s do this!

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