I am so excited to bring SNAP HAPPY: Mastering Manual Mode to fruition!  SNAP HAPPY pairs two things I absolutely adore…  photography and teaching!  And I openly share my insights {from over 10 years of experience!} with you because helping you more beautifully capture your memories and preserve your heritage… fills my soul!!

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  • understanding aperture
  • conquering ISO
  • controlling shutter speed
  • exploring the relationship between these settings
  • nailing proper exposure
  • creating stellar shots with absolute control
  • determining your priority while maintaining proper exposure
  • harnessing & honing your new-found power!


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SATURDAY, July 19th
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SATURDAY, August 9th
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We are based in Cedar Hills, UT but would be happy to schedule a class in your area – or even within the walls of your own home, which is the perfect setting to receive simple, entertaining, and very real answers to your basic {aaand not so basic} photography questions.  Classes may be added throughout the year, so shoot us an email and share with us which options might best suits your needs!

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Did you miss out on SNAP HAPPY: Photo101?  Now is the perfect time to catch up!  Call to register for both classes and save!!

**Interested in attending for free?
Host your own SNAP HAPPY class, and we‘ll cover the cost of your tuition
(aaand provide a little added incentive…)
How easy is that?!  Contact me for more details!**

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