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Ahh!!  Our current project has us extremely excited – and I am thrilled to be including all of this year’s Ashtyn Jade Model Reps.  Creating creative sessions – such as this Summer Beach Session – requires a significant amount of planning and prep, but it also produces breathtaking results.  And the awe-inspiring experience provided to everyone involved deems all of our work, artistry, and drive to be wholly worthwhile.

Join us on our journey!  Prepping the posts for our Ashtyn Jade teepee is only step one!  We’ll be back with more behind-the-scenes in no time!   {{Interested in doing more than just reading about our adventure?  Join our Model Rep Team!  You can apply here!}}

So here it is… The nitty gritty!

BUILDING THE TEEPEE – Prepping The Posts

The teepee requires six 8 ft posts.  We selected a 1×2 dimension and chose to snag two back-up posts in the process… just in case.

In order to knock down some of that new lumber shine, we threw on a thick coat of Driftwood colored Rust-Oleum Wood Stain.  We didn’t even sand them beforehand – just kept it quick and dirty, knowing full well that the wooden posts would barely be seen.

But I should warn you – stain WITH the grain!  Even with thick rubber dishwashing gloves, a few nasty splinters found their way into my hands.  Maaaybe it was a little too quick and dirty…

And that wraps Step One!  Or at least Part One of Step One.


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