My life has led me to myriad opportunities to develop relationships and friendships that truly last the test of time.  Twelve-and-a-half years ago, Shellie became my roommate.  That’s right… she came into my life pre-husband!  Well… he was present, but he only carried the title fiancé at the time.

All these years and babies later, we’ve been able to reunite for a day of reminiscing and reconnecting.  And she’s made yet another one of my dreams come true.  The women in my life change who I am – they support me, they humor me, they make me laugh, and sometimes they make me cry.  They influence me; they refine me.  And they define for me, in large part, the value of strength, courage, forgiveness and love.

To be blessed with the chance to share my vision of these qualities and characteristics found within each of them?  Magnificent.  That these women trust me with something so personal?  Their willingness to become vulnerable in front of my lens?  Leaves me awestruck.  Every time.

And it’s not easy!  To shed the insecurities and allow those ‘protective’ walls to crumble.  But in doing so, these women – you, women – open yourselves up to a world and a perspective that envelops you with acceptance, with appreciation, and with admiration.

Alpine Highland Park City Couture Beauty Glamour Photography


So it’s with heartfelt gratitude and wonder that I present to you a sneak peek for the absolutely stunning Shellie {24 weeks pregnant, btw!  Shut.Up.  She’s tiny!}.

I adore you, Shellie Bell!  Thank you for sharing the day with me and for showing such great faith in me!





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…the soul made visible…
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