T minus Two Days, y’all!  This year’s Ashtyn Jade Model Reps are only two days away from one of our greatest sessions to date.  Learn about more of the fabulous perks and benefits that accompany the role of an AJP Model Rep.  You can apply for the 2015 season now!

More behind-the-scenes…

Beach Session Model Rep Photo Shoot Utah County Premiere Photographer



Myriad possibilities exist when it comes to selecting a serene and oh, so breathtaking location here in Utah County – but narrowing them down to the one perfect spot for a specific session?  Can be a bit tricky!  Lighting, ambiance and amenities are a few key considerations when finalizing your location.  But the process is quite inspiring!  I’ve loved hitting some of the most beautiful spots in one of the most beautiful states!

I’d love to know – what are some of your favorite hot spots?

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And on a personal note…

I’d love to thank my sweet little sewing elves.  These three beauties helped craft the accent pillows for our teepee.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Ms. Megan Schultz and her lovely little munchkins.

Session Prep for Couture Beach Photo Shoot - Alpine, Highland, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Park City


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