It’s time for another Sneak Peek from the Ashtyn Jade Model Rep Beach Session.  Again, I’d like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for those who assisted and for the models who participated!  It proved to be a fabulous success was an incredible experience for me, as well.

The truth is, I am honored by this privilege.  It can be challenging to be the focal point and the center of attention; yet, these guys (and gals) knock it out of the park every time, and they trust in me to do the same.  That’s not a responsibility I take lightly!

And with that… May I get a drumroll, please?

This is the second of four Sneak Peeks from our Beach Session at Deer Creek.  You can see more of Sydney here and score $50 off of your own session while you’re at it!

High-End, Custom Couture Photography_Luxury Photographer_Alpine_Highland_Park City_Utah and Summit County 2014 Love the floral head and ankle pieces?  We do, too!  Check out The Painted Daisy, who took extra time and care to ensure these were the perfect compliment to our creative session!

Did you miss the first Sneak Peek from this Model Rep Beach Session?  Find it here!

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