My two oldest babes hit the hallways tomorrow, and my littlest munchkin will venture into preschool next week.  That leaves us only one more day of fun and fabulousness together – and we are bound and determined to make the most of it!  So, of course… I did some homework!

It used to be that in order to research any given topic, you’d have to drag yourself to the local library’s card catalog.  Are you kidding?  The memories alone give me a headache!  How blessed are we to have amazing resources now, such as Google, YouTube and Pinterest!!  Oh, how I love them!  Here is one particular search which led to much back-to-school brilliance:
Pinterest Back-to-School Ideas.

And below are some of the high points… You’ll find fun activities to help you prep together, and concepts and ideas that can be tweaked and utilized to benefit your family and their particular needs.

Let’s get started!!

Back to School Daily Check List
How cute are these?  The left is the girly version from and is perfect for Miss Lexi-Lu.  The right is the result of a bit too much playtime in Photoshop.  {See?  I can never escape it! #PS4Life!!}  For Bear and Bash, I had to man it up a bit…  Once printed, these babies will be placed into cool, inexpensive frames and used as dry erase boards.  What kid doesn’t love dry erase anything?!
Want to capture exactly who they are and what they’re all about?  Find the perfect first-day-back survey for your munchkins at Giggles Galore!  Simply print and have them fill in the blanks.  It will only take a few moments and will be something you love for a lifetime.



And are you kidding me with this?  How ridiculously adorable and doable!  Not only will it improve our day-to-day routine, it also promises loads of family fun during it’s production phase!  Yup… we’ll be tackling this today, too!  Find a step-by-step instruction guide at



 Thanks to a grade-specific search, I was able to find this little gem: A video guide to 6th Grade Makeup.  Granted, my 6th-grader is a guy… but that may not be the case for you.  And seriously?  What an incredible bonding opportunity for you and your girls!!

Finally, the piece de résistance…
The always highly anticipated, First Day Photo Printable!


This version, as well as grade-specific versions, can be found at Classy Clutter!  Go have some fun!  And share your BACK-TO-SCHOOL photos here!!


Several More Super Helpful Spots:

  • Ways Parents Can Help
    Reading, math and spelling are three crucial elements when it comes to understanding, interpreting, and interacting with the world around you.  Here you will find three printables with loads of ideas on how we can easily aid our young ones in learning and adapting these particular subjects.
  • Sticky Note Poster Boards
    While this particular version has been developed for teachers, just imagine what fun it could be for the whole family!  What a great way to spend some time digging in and getting to better know and understand each other!
  • Help Kids Calm Down
    Frustration and disappointment are a part of life, a very important part, in fact.  Through challenges we learn, we grow, and we develop a greater sense of compassion.  But… that doesn’t necessarily make the process any easier.  This article introduces several strategies to help us handle the myriad meltdowns we may encounter – and implementing one or two may be just the ticket to preventing meltdowns of our own!
  • 10 Ways to Prepare
    These quick and easy ideas include: reminiscing about the sweet summer days, purchasing one something special, and beginning a breakfast tradition.
  • 17 ways to Ease Back to School
    Focuses on resetting the body clock and the nighttime ritual.  Also provides tips for those hard-to-handle topics such as the dreaded, “I don’t want to go to school!”

Remember to share your back-to-school photos!  We’d love to see them!

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