Today’s the day!  And I’m feeling so, so , SO excited and proud and emotional!  Sentimental, nostalgic and thrilled!!  My boys met their teachers yesterday and discovered ready-made friends who would be joining them in their classes again this year.  They’re a bundle of nerves and anticipation and are raring to to go!

It’s our first attempt at Track A, meaning their day begins at 6:45 AM.  They roll out of bed, say their prayers, shower {if that wasn’t done the night before}, and head on over to their conveniently organized closetthank you Uncommon Designs!

Then it’s down the stairs to the kitchen, where Mom {that’s me!} has {hopefully} created a breakfast masterpiece {haha!} and is eagerly awaiting help in the lunch prep department.

It’s a lot to take on – all before 8:00 AM – but we believe it’ll be well worth it.  Because it means Miss Lexi and I will get out boys back one hour earlier than we did last year, and we can’t wait for that!!!

Back-to-School, First Day Back Photo

Parting is such sweet sorrow…!

I absolutely, insanely and ridiculously love my open-hearted, awe-inspiring little monkeys.  They can drive me bananas at times {hah – see what I did there? *wink*}, but I’m faaairly certain I return that favor in spades!  They are my motivation and my purpose, and I am ever-grateful for the chance to raise them, to love them, to teach them and to be taught by them.  I am their mama and their best friend, and I cannot imagine a more treasured title or more consequential calling.

So… thanks for listening to me gush over these three beautiful little blessings!!  My life would… yeah… I can’t even finish that sentence.

Now I’m off to clean and play and work and wait for two-fifths of our family to return!!  Please feel free to share your fam’s First Day Photos here!!!  Let’s ooh and ahh together!


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