As I prepare both mentally and emotionally to photograph a funeral tomorrow morning, I find myself attempting in some small way to slide into the shoes of those who will surround me.  There’s a fine balance to achieve: to compassionately, genuinely empathise with those who have lost so much, and simultaneously maintain emotional strength and decorum so that I may unobtrusively and oh, so respectfully capture and document the touching, tender moments that this memorial will hold.

I am blessed with the knowledge of and faith regarding the life hereafter, what beauty and love we will encounter upon completing this earthly portion of our journey.   And it is the peace and joy and hope this knowledge brings that I pray will extend to all those mourning the loss of their loved ones.

I hope and I pray that love will abound and that I will capture the sweet, sad beauty of the day…

Thank you, Natalie Norton, for honing my perspective tonight.  Your willingness to so openly share your experiences has provided me with the calm, reassuring confidence that I am capable of documenting for this incredible family, a day that they will ever more hold close to their hearts.  It’s what I was born to do.  To serve and to love.  To capture and create.  And to preserve.  Tomorrow I will be able to do this for a family I love.  And my heart is full of gratitude and humility because they are entrusting me to do so.

Tonight… and tomorrow… and every day after… I will embrace those close to me.  I will tell them that I love them and, more importantly, I will show them that love.  And when I fail to do this to the best of my ability… I will simply try, and try again.

…the soul made visible…
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