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There’s something so magical and ethereal about backlit images.  The glow and the romantic haze are just incredible!  This beauty is Michelle, and her cheekbones just blow me away!  I so love each of these expressions.  Look at her connection with the camera – with her photographer.  Go ahead… Click on the image.  Look into those eyes.

Wow.  Seriously… I could do this for the rest of my life!!

Are you ready for your shot in the spotlight?  Our journey together begins with a Pre-Session Style Consultation {which, of course, includes ice cream!}.  Professional makeup and hairstyling is a complimentary gift for our gals.  And our guys are spoiled, too, with a traditional straight razor shave… so fabulous.

Each Ashtyn Jade Portrait Session is truly a couture experience and wouldn’t be complete without a Session Premiere to celebrate the amazing artwork we create together {and, yes – a gourmet dessert is absolutely part of the fun!}.

Creating a connection and a bond with your photographer is key to creating stellar shots and incredible art work.  So let’s connect!  The Fall Season is a busy time of year, and I would adore the opportunity to photograph you and yours.  So please call to schedule your Family, Senior or Beauty Portrait Session oh, so soon!


Let’s plan YOUR couture session today.

…the soul made visible…
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