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Elevate Triathlon Training Center-Orem, UtahThe social aspect of running a business is a funny thing.  I’ve recognized within myself a less than subtle draw towards those who share an entrepreneurial spirit – be they fitness trainershigh-end realtors, owners of fashionable boutiques and tasty bistros, other incredibly talented photographers, or even those who are only just beginning their business-develping journey, regardless of industry!

What excites me the most is to hear what they think, recognize how they think, understand their priorities, their challenges, and their deeply rooted passions…

Owning and running a successful, thriving business can be a scary, magnificent thing!  It keeps us on our toes, and it demands the ability and the flexibility to constantly adapt within this ever-changing world.  Yet, it’s also absolutely crucial to maintain our authentic selves – share our identity through our brand.  Utilizing social media is one key method to embracing that flexibility and engaging with others while sharing our unique and independent voices.

So how do you do it?  And how do we do it successfully?  Let’s check in with the experts!

Check out this blogpost from a site determined to help you improve your SEO, content-marketing, and so much more:
Seven Really Easy Ways to Increase Engagement On Twitter

And consider investing in this course at Creative Live {one of the industries leading educational forums} with one of my personal photog faves, and an absolute rock star in my book, world-renowned fashion photographer, Lindsey Adler:
New Media & Social Networking

What are your favorite ways to connect?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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