Well, Hello!  Though I am all too aware that football – high school and youth leauge – has somewhat dominated my life over the past couple of months, I’m still all in.  In fact, tomorrow marks the second to last regular season high school game, where PG will face off against AF.  Aaand… my loyalties are somewhat split.  Am I allowed to admit that?!!?

Love, love, LOVE the Vikings and attend every game.  Plus, it doesn’t kill that my alma mater is the Y, so blue kind of runs in my veins.  It’s just a natural fit, right?  But my kiddos happen to play in the Caveman Youth League, so I’m kiiind of a huge supporter of that program as well.

When all is said and done?  It’s going to be an excellent game.  Will you be there?? Bleeding red or blue??

The Ashtyn Jade Photography team is looking to up the excitement even more with our School Spirit Contest – and the chance to win a customized mini session for up to two students.  Seriously?!  Yes… seriously.  Why exactly are we doing this?  Because supporting our community and giving a bit back is what we’re all about.  So live it up!


Look for these signs in your student section:
Social Media Contest #vikingstrong Win Autumn Mini Session with School Spirit    Social Media Contest #afod #crazies Win Autumn Mini Session with School Spirit


The rest is pretty simple:
  • take a selfie with a sign
  • post to social media {IG or Twitter}
  • use one of the corresponding hashtags in your post
  • remember to include #AshtynJadePhoto or tag us {@ashtynjadephoto} so we can find you!

Can you handle all of that?  Yeah… we thought so!

As long as you post the night of the game, you qualify.  Winners will be randomly selected and then announced the next day {Thursday in this case}.  Kiiind of a great way to kick off UEA, wouldn’t you say?  Good luck to you all, and see you at the game!!!


In the mean time, you can meet the winners of last week’s contest here!!

Or check out some of our local model reps!
Model Rep Program Utah Summit Wasatch Salt Lake County

Now Accepting Applications for Season 2015! Join the AJP Model Rep Team to Earn Cash, Enjoy Some Fun, and Gain a Little Local Fame!

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