I love this season!  Who doesn’t, really?  Christmas carols peel through the shops and burst forth from the passing cars.  Family time seems to abound.  Games and crafts, holiday treats and activities, caroling for the neighbors {oh, our poor, poor neighbors!!}… We just can’t get enough.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas, even our down times – our ‘snuggle up in the bed for movie night’ times – seem to be accompanied by a sweeter, more love-infused spirit.

Don’t get me wrong!  Not all of our moments are filled with puppy dogs and rainbows… But even our desire for forgiveness and our willingness to forgive others seem to come so much more quickly.

It’s a time of year to remember.  To be thankful.  And to more fully embrace our most innate and basic gifts and abilities – those of love and compassion.


I am so fully in awe of the love of my Savior and my Heavenly Father.  The gifts They share, and the unending opportunities They provide for me to dig a little deeper, to try a little harder.  To repent and continue moving forward.  I can’t begin to comprehend how it all works, but I am incredibly confident in why it works and why His plan is in place.  Because of love.  Because of selflessness.  Because of charity, strength in righteousness, pureness of heart and absolute integrity.

What an incredible example our Savior is for us.  And what a beautiful reminder this Christmas Season is of the true divinity of Christ and of our purpose here.  It’s the perfect means to reset our life’s journey, to straighten our own path, and to further open and broaden our hearts.


Thank you to you all.  You all who have and do play such an amazing and inspiring role in my life.  Whose love, support, friendship and humor I adore.  Know that you are in our hearts and on our minds this Christmas.  And know that you are loved!

…the soul made visible…
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