I’m a mix of excitement and nerves… It’s our turn in front of the lens.  And that doesn’t happen often.  It’s such a great reminder, though, of exactly what emotions and insecurities my own clients might experience, and so I’m embracing every step of the journey!

Our outfits are pressed, manicures freshened, make-up has begun, and the resulting wall art is already ready to hang – in my mind, at least!  It’ll be a stunning 40×60 framed image of our family, hung ever so lovingly above the couch in the living room.  Or will it be a 40×60 canvas…  Oh, no!  I can’t decide!  Maybe once I see the actual images, they’ll kind of decide for me.

While we’re off on our little adventure, why don’t you take a sec and let me know about YOUR favorite {or funniest!} photography experience!!  See ya on the other side!

…the soul made visible…
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