So, SO many things in life make me happy, put a smile on my face, warm my heart, and sometimes even make me giddy!  One of the sure-fire ways to make all of those things happen?  Sending me a family photo Christmas card!  I keep them from year to year like a crazy awesome collection of goodness.  Ask my husband about it, and he’ll probably emphasize the ‘crazy’ aspect.  He’ll also try to incorporate the term “hoard” in his description.  Okay, so on second thought, maybe don’t ask him…

Couture Custom Stylized Family Photography Fashion Style

Yay!! This makes me so happy!!

But what’s even BETTER than those killer cards I receive from all these peeps I adore?  Is when those gorgeous smiling faces have been captured in an image created by Ashtyn Jade Photography.  Shut the front door.  I LOVE IT!!  It just wraps my heart with a huge, warm embrace, and I feel like giggling, clapping, and jumping up and down all at once!  And I’m not even a giggler!!  But heck, when it comes to seeing my images utilized to show off your amazing families?  I just can’t help myself. Especially because seeing these portraits reminds me of the fun and fabulousness we experienced together during our little adventure.

So thank you, thank you!  For sharing the love and for brightening our holidays with thoughts of you and yours!

Family Fashion Photography-Cedar Hills-Pleasant Grove-Utah County-Alpine-Highland-2014-2015

And this is the shot!! How gorgeous/handsome are they?!!? And hilarious, to boot!


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