Yesterday I received this text from a fabulous woman {We’ll call her Ms. T} after wrapping up a Pre-Session Consultation with her:

Thank you Karen 🙂
I’m just Soo Excited.
Today was like a Therapy Session.
Thank you for taking us on our Family Adventure.

Have I mentioned how inspiring and fulfilling my job actually is?  While our Pre-Session Consultations could technically be described as a simple planning & styling meetings over a sweet little treat with clients {which in and of itself sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?!  [Typically we enjoy a bit of ice cream.  But yesterday?  Raspberry cheesecake. YUM!]}…

What really ensues is so much more!  Creating an open, authentic bond with these incredible women {and men – just in a different way!} allows a level of connection that I find awe-inspiring and oh, so heartwarming!  We dig a little deeper, discover the hidden beauty, and embrace the depth of individuality.  What never ceases to amaze me is how similar we truly are – even through our differences.  I love that.  I find it exhilarating.  Truth be told, I kind of feed off of that.

Because it’s from that place of genuine respect and awe that I then photograph my subjects – that I create powerful, poignant portraiture which so beautifully shares the soul of those in front of my lens.

Fine Art Beauty, Boudoir, Maternity, Newborn & Corporate Portrait Photography in Utah County, Cedar Hills & Pleasant Grove

Why do I do what I do?  Because human beings absolutely fascinate me.  Because helping to remind them through photography of just how breathtaking and valued they really are fills my soul.  Cheesy?  Perhaps… But it’s also absolutely authentic and straight from the heart!  Call to chat.  You’ll see exactly what I mean…

Let’s discover what your Custom Portrait Session will hold.

…the soul made visible…
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