Few things in life beat a really great series of Before & After photos, am I right?  And this gorgeous gal obliged after spending the entire night before participating in volleyball game, after volleyball game, after volleyball game…  The.Entire.Night.

Poor little sleepy head!  A volleyball tournament had been scheduled to take place the night before Jasmin’s Model Rep Photo Shoot – a shoot she was super excited about, mind you – and an experience that would typically require a solid 8-hours of beauty sleep!

So why in the world would she opt to sacrifice that much-needed sleep THE NIGHT BEFORE such a shoot…?

Couture Beauty Glamour Fashion Photography Model Rep Utah County Pleasant Grove Lindon

Special thanks to Jannet Delgado for treating our girls to such gorgeous makeup & hairstyling!

Because this was a night of more than just volleyball.  The tournament in question actually happens to be one of Pleasant Grove High School‘s largest fundraisers, and the proceeds are dedicated to someone pretty close to home this year.  So she stepped up and made it all happen.  What does that tell you about the nature of this lovely lady?  Quite a bit, I’d say… Quite.A.Bit.  {It wasn’t until she arrived for makeup & hair Saturday morning that I even knew what was going on, btw.  So awesome, this gal!}

And now that you know a bit about her genuine intrinsic beauty… I’d love to showcase her external beauty, as well!  Enjoy a few couture portraits from her photo shoot!  

Couture Beauty Glamour Fashion Photography Model Rep Utah County Pleasant Grove Lindon

I’m so honored to have Jasmin Fanaika on our 2015 team of AJP Model Reps and am blown away by her drive, her heart… and her killer set of pipes!  Did I tell you she sang for us during her session?!!?  SHUT.UP.  #iAdoreThisGirl!!!

If you’d like to join her as one of our Model Reps… Apply Here!  That’s right – you have one last chance to participate!  In fact, you’ve only got until Saturday, so go discover a few more details!  Chat soon!

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