What a wild wonderful ride this year has been – and we’re only a quarter of the way through! The past month has held for us such an unbelievable journey: Photographing and bonding with the gals on our incredible team of AJP Model Reps? Truly amazing. Forging new and fabulous relationships with masters in the field of hair and makeup? Absolutely thrilling. Utilizing my ‘very particular set of skills’ to create moments of awe and to facilitate authentic, beautiful confidence to all in front of my lens? Undeniably breathtaking. My motivation. My inspiration.
Couture Beauty Glamour Boudoir Portrait Photography Couture Beauty Glamour Boudoir Portrait PhotographyCouture Beauty Glamour Boudoir Portrait Photography

This is why I do what I do. This is why Ashtyn Jade exists, why we specialize and why we’ve expanded to embrace the Beautiful Boudie Studio.

And we’ll be doing it all again this weekend – a couple times over! The studio will host several enjoyable hours of pampering and preening over the next few days. Two lovely ladies will be spoiled and adored and then beautifully photographed. One handsome man will kick up his feet and relax as he’s gifted with a traditional straight razor shave prior to his custom family session. Of course, sweet {and salty!} treats will abound – and all of these lovely little steps of the journey are absolutely complimentary for our clients.

Crafting an experience to wonderfully compliment and enrich each unique and amazing individual that enters our space… that is the foundation of Ashtyn Jade Photography. And we can’t wait to begin crafting your couture experience, as well!

 Now it’s time to create your couture images!
Let’s schedule your pre-session consultation {paired with ice cream, of course} to begin designing your custom photography session!

…the soul made visible…
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