I’ve often wondered the role I might have played during World War II and how I would have chosen to act {or to react} if such horrors were taking place in MY time. But you can never really know, right? I mean, you could assume that you’d have had the courage and bravery to stand.  To fight and to make a difference. Even when the fight may not – at least on its surface – have truly been your own.

But turning a blind eye…?  Wow, that would have been easier, wouldn’t it? I mean, there’s something to be said for self-preservation.  Protecting your family, keeping them out of jeopardy – that’s more than simply a valid cause… So perhaps I would have bunkered down, and hoped and prayed my neighbors were doing the same.

When you think back to that time, do you ever wonder what you would have done? Of course you do.  I know I’m not alone.  But now we no longer have to wonder, because…

IT’S HAPPENING, AGAIN: to Jews, Yadizis {oh, this video… a Yazidi woman pleading for help… no words.} and Christians alike.  It was only a couple of weeks ago that I sat down with my boys and opened their eyes a bit to the true horrors of Hilter and WWII.  And it was less than one week ago, the story of Kayla, an American Aid worker, fell into my lap.

Then THIS shocking fact was seared onto my heart:

In FOUR YEARS, the number of Christians in Syria has dropped from 2-MILLION to 400-THOUSAND.  {Learn More Here}  Christians are being kidnapped, enslaved and slaughtered.  Crucified, hunted, beheaded, and burned alive.  Where are the protests?  Where is the outrage?

I knew that parts of the world were in chaos, but I had NO IDEA that it was on fire.  How have we arrived here – and why don’t more of us know??  And now that I DO know, I am absolutely compelled to act.  I can not turn a blind eye.  I will not merely bunker down.

Oh, and here’s just a bit of fuel to the fire:  America refuses to shelter these Christians seeking asylum.  How is this possible?  Why are these lives any less valuable that the others that the U.S. houses and helps?  They.Are.Not.

So WHERE do we stand to fight?  HOW do we become involved?

Will YOU stand?  Can YOU make a difference?

In the coming days, I’ll share with you one small way that I – and a gorgeous gal close to me – have chosen to help.  And I’d LOVE to hear from you!  How will YOU choose to engage??  Share in the comments below some of your thoughts and ideas. Let’s act.  And let’s do it NOW.

Please decide… How will YOU stand?  How can YOU make a difference?

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