{Did you get a chance to see Friday’s Post [World War II in the 21st Centruy]?  If not, please do!  It should help everything below will fall into crystal clear perspective.}

Now… let me assure you: IT IS NOT ABOUT THE LASHES.  If I could help save lives AND keep my lovely lashes, holy heck… I would.  After all, just look at these babies!  {Yup, that’s me below.}

Yup. That's me! Lashes by Jannet Delgado, 801beautybyj@gmail.com, 385.233.1289

Lashes by Jannet Delgado, 801beautybyj@gmail.com, 385.233.1289

And I am oh, so well aware of the fact that each person can and will give and sacrifice in his or her own unique way.  For me, these fiercely feminine lash extensions simply represent something that I CAN give – something I CAN do.  And can do RIGHT NOW.

I know that the way YOU give will most likely differ from mine.  And that’s fantastic – Find what YOU can give, what YOU can ‘sacrifice.’  And do it NOW.  

Because, my friend, I guarantee that whatever convenience we deem necessary dwindles in comparison to the value of a human life.

So for me, the funds that had been previously designated for my eyelash extensions will now be used in the aiding and sustaining of those being targeted in Syria.  Please share…

How will YOU stand?  How can YOU make a difference?

P.S.  The gorgeous gal who’s talented enough to provide these lovely lashes?  Oh, yes.  She’s making a stand, as well.  And I’m so excited to share HER story on Tuesday!

…the soul made visible…
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