In Ashtyn Jade’s most recent post {‘Sacrificing My Lashes’}, I share my simple decision to forego eyelash extensions for the next several months in order to help rescue the victims of IS*S  – and while you may think my lash designer might be less than thrilled with the idea {considering the fact that it slightly affects her income}…

She’s actually fully onboard!  In fact, SHE’S ALSO CHOSEN TO TAKE A STAND, to make a personal sacrifice in the aid of others!  Yup… One more reason I absolutely LOVE.THIS.GIRL!!

For the foreseeable future, Jannet {of 801BeautybyJ} will be donating an incredible 20% of her eyelash extension profits in an effort to rescue these IS*S victims!

So… who IS this Ms. Jannet?
Ooh, I’m so glad you asked, but where do I begin…

Jannet Delgado is a Professional Hairstylist, Makeup Artist Extraordinaire, Expert Eyelash & Brow Designer, and all around Rock Star.  She’s crazy amazing with my Ashtyn Jade clients as she pampers them with complimentary makeup & hairstyling – and that level of service is an absolute must in my book!

What’s more?  She exudes a cool & confident air that’s just so calming and reassuring – we all kinda need from time to time, am I right?  I couldn’t live without this girl – I wouldn’t want to!!  I DID mention she happens to be my personal lash girl, right?  Yeah… did ya SEE her work?!?  Beautifully talented.  Ridiculously so.

Here’s another Before & After from one of Jannet’s lash clients {thanks for sending these, Jannet!}:

Lashes by Jannet Delgado,, 385.233.1289

Lashes by Jannet Delgado,, 385.233.1289

Now it’s YOUR turn!  Care to change a life?  Care to make a difference?  You can either donate directly at Mercury One, or enjoy an amazing experience with Jannet, and know that as a result, a generous portion of the proceeds will be donated in your name to this life-saving cause!  And we’d LOVE to hear YOUR story!!!

For Prices & Scheduling,
Please Contact Jannet Directly:
Jannet Delgado

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Please decide… How will YOU stand?  How can YOU make a difference?

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