Okay… I’ve done it.  My gorgeous eyelash extensions are gone, and my small and simple donation has been made to The Nazarene Fund.

Yup. That's me! Lash Extensions applied & removed by Jannet Delgado, 801beautybyj@gmail.com, 385.233.1289

Yup. That’s me! Lash Extensions applied & removed by Jannet Delgado, 801beautybyj@gmail.com, 385.233.1289

My family and I will continue to find ways to save up and continue to donate in order to help slow the Christian Holocaust, but – just as many of you – our resources are more limited than we would wish.

The goal of Mercury One is to raise $10 million dollars {for the rescue of victims and targets of ISIS in Syria}.  Seems sooo daunting, right?  But here’s what so beautiful…

We are already almost halfway there…
… And it’s been accomplished mainly by donations of $100.

Simple, small {incredibly heart-felt!} donations of $100.
And that’s faaar less daunting!
THAT we can do!!

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For me, a donation of that amount came at the cost of sacrificing my eyelash extensions.  {But really… how can that even be called a sacrifice, given the horrors taking place in Syria?}

So I ask, what can YOU ‘sacrifice’ to save lives?  What small way can YOU take a stand and make a difference?  How will YOU act to rescue those who will otherwise be tortured, enslaved, and murdered by IS*S?

ABOVE, you see the Before/During/After shots of my lash extension journey.  I’m so in love with the look of extensions and super pleased with how healthy Jannet’s been able to keep my natural lashes.  Seriously… check out how well protected she kept them during the removal process!  This woman’s an absolute pro.

My FAVORITE aspect of the whole endeavor is that I’ve been able to forge a great friendship with an incredibly talented and amazing woman… who is also SAVING LIVES!  In fact…

For every one of her eyelash extension clients… Jannet has offered to donate a generous 20% of the proceeds to this life-saving cause!
Have I TOLD you she’s fabulous?!

However you choose to give, we’d LOVE to hear YOUR story!!!
Please decide… How will YOU stand?  How can YOU make a difference?

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Jannet Delgado

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