I can’t believe my luck!  Not only do I get the opportunity to occasionally be this gal’s partner in crime… but then I get to photograph her AND her beautiful horse on a BEACH?!  Stoooop iiiit…  And do you want to know the best part?  Yup – it actually does get even better!  Here’s the text I received from her as we were crafting her session:

I have wanted to do pictures with my horse FOR-EV-ER!  Making my dreams come true.

Somebody pinch me.  Seriously?!  We get to make people’s dreams come true for a living, people!  And THAT is what life is all about.

So… since this is why you’re here… check out the sneak peek of Ms. Jemima‘s custom equestrian photo session.

High End Themed Stylized Photo Sessions in Utah County
She’s gorgeous, right?  I can’t even tell you the depths of fabulousness that is Jemima.  She’s sarcastic and feisty aaand the sweetest gal you’ll meet – which is pretty much an awesome combination.  She’s genuine and down to earth and ridiculously passionate about horses.  In fact, just get her talking about them.  Five dollars says you might even see her shed a tear or two.  {Shh!  Don’t tell her I told you!}

Hearing about her journey is super inspiring, and I’m honored that she’s chosen to share some of her story with me.  Aaand I’m also kinda grateful for all the amusement she brings to my life.

Now give us a call – we can’t wait to begin planning your dream session!

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