Mercury One is so incredible. They’ve raised $12 Million since August, thanks mostly to only $100 donations.

And they VET EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY seeking asylum.  American volunteers are on the ground in Iraq and Syria, communicating directly with parish priests and pastors who know the specific history of each of these people.  Could there BE a better vetting system?


The Nazaren Fund {through Mercury One} plans and provides about $5000 per individual which will help provide for families in the following ways:
  • food and housing for a year
  • 9 months of language & cultural education to help them assimilate
  • assist in finding a job
  • even give funds for funeral expenses for the elderly

And this is all using donated funds. From people like you and me. So it’s no drain on the govt of those countries actually willing to accept them and provide asylum.  It is OUR responsibility – not a government’s responsibility – to care for them.

‘Each family takes about $20,000,’ he said.  ‘That’s for the vetting.  That’s for the airfare. That is for getting their life in order. That’s to set them up.  That’s to give them nine months of foreign language class.’  He continued.  ‘So we set them up in a community, a church so they have a fallback.  They have some money for their apartment.  We pay for their apartment for a little while.  We try to set them up with a job,’ Glenn said.  ‘I can guarantee you this is not what the federal government is doing.  I can guarantee you, this is not what the UN is doing.’

If you’d like to add your name to the list of people rescuing Christians in the Middle East, sign up to help or donate to the Nazarene Fund today.


The stories are beautiful and inspiring, and I’m so grateful to know that every single penny I donate is directly helping to save the lives of fellow Christians.

I may not have been around to stand against the evil and hatred of the Nazis so long ago… but I’m here now and will sure as hell stand against the evil and hatred of IS*S.

“Once we join with the Almighty and then we start to join with others,

We at Ashtyn Jade WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD.  I am thrilled to continue donating 30% of our art proceeds to this incredible cause.  Are you ready to join in the rescue?  {{What IS the Nazarene Fund?  So glad you asked… Learn more here.}}

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UPDATE: $12 Million Raised

Please decide… How will YOU stand?  How can YOU make a difference?

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